Online Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway will help you to process transaction securely online or over the phone. Using our easily installed Application Programme Interface (API) you can obtain real time transaction reports, provide a virtual terminal and secure payment page, bulk process high numbers of transactions and deal in multi currencies. Grants payment platform′s COPYandPAY enables you to create your own payment page, perfectly integrating with the corporate identity of your website, while easily meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements. Grants payment gateway offers:

Real-Time Transaction Reports:

Knowing who′s buying what, and when, can be an invaluable sales tool. Our payment gateway provides 24/7 access to up-to-the-minute account activity, because our database captures transaction data in real time. Batches of offline and recurring transactions can be uploaded and processed instantly.

Virtual Terminal:

Accept, verify, process and manage your transactions from anywhere you have an internet connection. This solution is ideal for merchants who accept phone orders, mail orders and fax orders.

Recurring Billing:

Take control and automate timely and multiple billings for new and existing accounts.

Batch Processing:

Process thousands of transactions at incredible speeds and sort and generate detailed reports via a secure connection.

Easy Integration:

Depending on your needs, Grant′s payment gateway can be integrated using four basic integration streams;

  • XML - Is the most flexible and powerful integration option. The sender collects all necessary information directly on his site and sends it to the CTPE.
  • POST - Similar to XML, easier to implement but not as flexible. As with XML, the sender collects all necessary information on his site and sends them to the CTPE.
  • WPF (Web Payment Frontend) - The shop just implements a link with a few POST parameters to the web payment frontend, which collects the payment data and sends them to the CTPE. The look & feel of the WPF is completely customizable. Additionally, no sensible payment data is going through the system of the shop itself - which avoids security precautions and imposed certifications such as PCI-DSS.
  • eTerminal - The merchant collects all information himself and enters the data manually into the eTerminal, which sends them to the CTPE. No integration via POST is required. Due to the manual handling this option is only recommended for mail order / telephone order applications or for small transaction volumes.

Multi-Currency Processing:

Grants Payments allows you to accept multi- currency payments in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD and JPY. Other currencies available upon request.