Provide state of art protection for shoppers′ sensitive card details and data. The gateway is certified to the highest industry standards and will shield you, and your customer, from hackers, security breaches and other threats. A token replaces highly sensitive data like card numbers, eWallet logins IDs or bank account details. By using tokens, that are not decodable, your regulatory burden is reduced allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Tokenisation is an enabler for scenarios that otherwise need you to save and protect account details. Implement on-click checkouts, recurring billing scenarios loyalty programmes while outsourcing regulatory issues that are not really your core business.

  • No need to save any sensitive account details
  • Simple and secure implementation of scenarios such as one-click checkouts or recurring bill
  • Minimise PCI-DSS effort for you
  • Applicable for non-PCI-regulated data such as bank accounts or eWallets
  • Compatible with e-commerce systems and processors
  • Works with any checkout module