Using our Gweb process taking secure and fast payments online could not be easier. Our PayandReady integration is easy to set up and you are no more than 10 mins away from accepting payments, provided you have a Merchant Account. This platform will allow you to create your own, bespoke payment page, ensuring your brand and corporate identity but with the added benefit of Industry Standard compliance and security.


Using stored billing plans you can collect regular, automated payments from shoppers .You can define amount, currency, duration, frequency and even a notice period. You can make adjustments or terminate the billing plan at any time. The Grants Payments Gateway will do the rest.


Using our Dynamic Currency conversion process you can accept payments from all over the world using our secure and robust technology, giving merchants a multi-region solution. This allows you to expand your sales reach, knowing that you have compliant, integrated technology that will reduce the risk to your business or to your customer.


Allows merchants to use state of art innovation with our new POS terminal, providing a solution for chip and pin transactions for customers. Our POS terminal is industry leading, giving you an easy to use process that integrates with your business.

GPOS for Charities

A bespoke service for charities and event organizers allowing the leasing of a POS terminal on a short or long term basis. This is an ideal solution if your business has a short term POS requirement, such as a charitable event but you do not want to have to commit costs unnecessarily.