Risk Management Solutions

Ensure that you keep fraud out but good customers in. We offer the largest range of risk management tools in the market. Our more than 120 internal risk management tools can be applied to transactions involving e-commerce, remittance, adult entertainment, MLM (multi-level-marketing), travel pharmacy, dating, gaming and gambling. Basic risk checks do not deliver in this complex environment and Grants Payments is pleased to provide the most sophisticated toolbox in the market. It can easily be mixed and matched to fulfil the needs in your industry.

    Our risk management solution offers:
  • A complete data validation
  • All expected basic risk checks
  • A wide selection of intelligent risk checks
  • Large number of third-party risk checks and database providers that are already integrated
  • A complete set of audit assessment tools, such as 3-D Secure, AVS, CVV etc
  • Comprehensive monitoring of transaction patterns
  • Extensive manual review functionalities
  • Effective risk scoring
  • Individually tailor checks and set exit conditions.
  • Minimise chargeback fees, fraudulent and unauthorised transactions
  • Increase conversion rate rather than refusing good business
  • Customise filter settings according to your business needs
  • Increase reputation through mitigating fraud
  • Easy to use – no special technical configurations needed