Online Payment made easier

Hosted payment page solutions share one common challenge independent of their providers: merchants often have to compromise when it comes to the look and feel of a page. With the Grant′s new merchant integration option your requirements are met without compromises‚ and without trade-offs when it comes to PCI compliance or ease of integration.

The issue with hosted payment page solutions is that customising a given payment template can only come so close to developing the payment page and workflow that is really needed by you. A payment page developed and hosted by a payment provider simply cannot perfectly meet all the requirements you may have when it comes to the look and feel of the page.

The Grants payment PayNow enables you to create your own payment page, perfectly integrating with the corporate identity of your web site, while easily meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements and keeping things simple. By applying the Grant′s new merchant integration option “PayNow”, you develop and host your very own payment page. In this case, you will not touch critical credit card data, as the form posts the data directly to the gateway′s servers, so PCI compliance is achieved with a minimum of effort.

A sophisticated widget library makes it easy to build the payment forms and handles the different workflows that come with different payment methods.

  • Integrate in less than 20 minutes – guaranteed
  • Use all the payment schemes available on the platform, including 3D Secure and asynchronous payment schemes
  • Host your own payment page, in your own corporate identity, instead of having to use a predefined page